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Archives for February 2015

Resume Tips: Making a Great First Impression

Whether you are searching for a temporary or permanent job, often your resume is the first opportunity to make a lasting impression on a recruiter, staffing agency, or hiring manager. The value of a well-written resume cannot be overemphasized. Here are some simple tips from Supreme Staffing for creating the perfect resume.


  • Target your cover letter and resume for each specific position you are applying
  • Use keywords that appear in the job description
  • Use action verbs when describing roles and responsibilities
  • Use descriptive job titles when listing prior work experience

Prioritize Content:

  • List most relevant information and key accomplishments first
  • Highlight your strengths and achievements with numbers or tangible results
  • List all the different positions and roles that you may have had at a company
  • Do not include irrelevant information (i.e. age, political affiliation, religion, etc)


  • Use a basic font (i.e. Times New Roman or Arial) in 12 pt font
  • Use bullet points
  • Do not use slang or technical jargon
  • Length should only be 1-2 pages
  • Proofread, proofread, proofread!

Contact Information:

  • Include full name, street address, phone number and professional email address
  • Make sure your voicemail message is professional in nature