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Benefits of Utilizing a Temporary Staffing Agency

Human capital is the most vital component to any business. At Supreme Staffing, we realize that staffing and recruiting needs frequently change. Our goal is to successfully match Clients with quality Associates in order to create lasting work relationships where the temporary employee not only meets the Client’s needs but becomes a contributing part of the team.

Whether the need is for short-term, long-term, temporary, temp-to-permanent, or full time staffing, there are many benefits to using temporary employees.


Supreme Staffing is the worker’s employer. We are responsible for payroll expenses, withholding taxes, unemployment and workers’ compensation, and employee benefits.


Quality employees are able to meet fluctuating needs and demands. Temporary employees can also solve the problem when staff is only needed for a short period or while a permanent employee is away.


Supreme Staffing does all the sourcing, recruiting, screening, interviews, background checks, and drug screens. Our Clients only receive the highest quality resumes, candidates, and employees.

Reduced Risk

Utilizing temporary employees is an extremely efficient way for Clients to determine whether they want to hire an employee full time. Supreme Staffing offers temp-to-permanent options and has a proven track record.


  1. This makes sense – my only thought is that when I get placed in a TEMP position, my goal is to always get hired on full-time if the company is a good fit for me. Do you have any advice as to how to get a future time from your TEMP employer as to how or when they will or would be looking to add Full-TIME W-2 employees to their staff without being to pushy? Your comment or advice would be appreciated.

    Thank you

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