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Temporary Staffing

At Supreme Staffing we hire temporary employees to work for our Clients. We realize that our Clients, as well as our temporary employees are looking for a synergistic relationship. Based upon our experience, proven capabilities, and human capital knowledge, we are able to properly identify the needs of our Clients while at the same time placing our Associates in the best positions possible. Our team of recruiters are constantly looking for new opportunities for potential Associates as well as looking to fulfill all of our Clients’ needs. We realize that there are many benefits for both the Client, as well as the Associate, for hiring or becoming the temporary employee. Whether it is time, flexibility or networking, here at Supreme Staffing our goal is to deliver for both the Client and the Associate.

Temp-to-Full Time Hire

We realize the benefits that both our Clients and Associates look to take advantage of during a temp-to-full time hire position. Many of our Clients are looking to evaluate a potential full time employee by first bringing them into a temporary position with the possibly of full time employment. This not only creates efficiency but ensure that both the Client and temp-to-full time employee will have a long lasting relationship. Here at Supreme Staffing, we ensure that both our Clients and Associates are on the necessary path to achieve their goals and objectives. Our goal is complete satisfaction for both parties. Call us today to discuss how Supreme Staffing can be a beneficial partner to you.

Full Time Employment

We work with Clients to help secure full time positions. We specialize in placement of entry, mid-level and executive positions. Through our combined 40 years of experience, we believe that human capital is the most important aspect of any business. Talent acquisition and the proper placement of talent within an organization is one of our specialties. Finding the right people is critical for success in any company. We work with our Clients to find the most suitable candidates for the positions that they are looking to fill. We develop an in-depth relationship with our Clients that enables us to secure the best candidates based upon the supply and demand of the human capital market. When you hire Supreme Staffing to be your staffing and recruiting firm, you not only hire a firm, you hire a company and a family that consistently delivers results!

Career Coaching

Supreme Staffing Career Consultants and Resume Writing Experts are available to assist candidates to maximize their credentials in order to secure their desired job. Career Consultant reviews your resume, discusses your background and learns about your objective. Some Coaches utilize their Expert Networks to help outstanding candidates find the most suitable position for them. We give you concrete actions to improve yourself as the best candidate.